Glossary of Aviation Terminology

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Warning: A signal which alerts the operator to a dangerous condition requiring immediate action (from MIL-STD-1472D); an annunciator that is the most critical (more than an advisory or a caution); Also, an indicator of potential failure soon; Values: none, hot, low-power, high-power, other;

Warning, Caution, Advisory (WCA): See: warning, caution, advisory, annunciator, alert;

Wash-out filter: A filter to smooth a transition due to change of input source, such as when changing modes; See Also: transient-free switch;

Waypoint (WYPT): A point on the ground, predefined as a point of interest for the flight; a basic guidance mode, providing lateral guidance to a waypoint, either by course or by direct (operator selectable);

Waypoint approach: To approach a waypoint

WCA: Warning, Caution, Advisory

Weight on wheels (WOW): Indication of whether the aircraft has weight on its wheels, meaning airborne or on the ground; weight on wheels can be detected by a sensor on the wheels, computed from other state data, or a combination;

WGS72: World Geodetic Survey 1972

WGS84: World Geodetic Survey 1984

Wheel: A flight control operated by turning with hands in fixed-wing aircraft, primarily to control roll (heading) via the ailerons; wheel is connected to yoke;

Wheel cue: A lateral flight director cue for fixed-wing aircraft, primarily to control heading, by changing roll; Compare: lateral cyclic cue; Symbols: Gamma sub 'LAT' ; Typical Units: percent,in;

Wind bearing: Symbols: B sub W; Typical Units: rad, deg;

Wind speed: Symbols: V sub W; Typical Units: kt,ft/s; Dimensions: Length / Time;

World Geodetic Survey 1972 (WGS72): A standard model for computing earth data;

World Geodetic Survey 1984 (WGS84): A standard model for computing earth data;

WOW: Weight on wheels

Wrap test: A test to send data to a device having it sent back unaltered

WYPT: Waypoint

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