Glossary of Aviation Terminology

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OA: Obstacle avoidance

OAT: Outside Air Temperature

Obstacle avoidance (OA): Flight cues designed to avoid obstacles, such as terrain, buildings, and power lines; Compare: terrain avoidance, threat avoidance;

Off: Device is powered off (power switch is off; no response to communications) - no data and function is available.

Offset: Part of received data that is undesired, consisting of a random, time-invariant term added to a signal; Synonyms: bias; Compare: noise, signal

OMEGA: An OMEGA receiver provides position information that can be used to update the aircraft navigation position. OMEGA is the least accurate method of obtaining position information.

Operations: How well is equipment operating; Values: operational (all function and data is available), degraded (equipment has partially failed with some function or data unavailable and some available), failed (equipment has failed with no function or data available);

Orientation: Direction in reference to a coordinate frame

Outer marker: Marker beacon located 5-7mi from the end of the runway; See Also: marker beacon

Outside Air Temperature (OAT): The temperature just outside the aircraft; Symbols: T; Typical Units: deg; Dimensions: Temperature

Override: To alter selection made automatically by software

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